How to Enjoy Onuma Park and Four Season ~Donan, Hakodate Area~

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Onuma Park is located about a 40-minute drive from one of Hokkaido’s most prominent tourist spots, Hakodate.

The easily-accessible Onuma Park can also be reached by train within 50 minutes.

Including beautiful flowers and birds during the spring, lush greenery in summer, crimson foliage in autumn, and graceful snowscape in winter, the park presents a splendid scenery every season.
Besides, there are plenty of fun activities available such as canoeing, cycling, boating, horseback riding, and Segway riding from spring to autumn.

Even during winter when the surface of the lake turns into solid ice, there are numerous charming activities such as snowshoeing, horseback riding, and smelt fishing.

A recommended place to go in Donan, Onuma Park is a place where tourists may enjoy the beautiful nature of the northern region of Japan.

Table of Contents
1. What the Onuma Park is like?
2. Four Seasons In Onuma Park
3. Places To See In Onuma Park
3-1. Three Swamps Of Onuma Lake, Konuma Lake, Junsainuma Lake
3-2. View Of Onuma Park From Nikkureyama
3-3. Summer And Winter Events At Onuma Park!
4. Activities At Onuma Park
4-1. Activities From Spring To Autumn
4-2. Winter Activities
5. Places To Eat & Go At Onuma Park
6. How To Access Onuma Park

1.What the Onuma Park is like?

Onuma Park (official name: Onuma Quasi-National Park) is a natural park with an area of 9,000ha located in the southwest of Hokkaido and in the central part of Oshima Peninsula.
You can see the gorgeous view in every season.

It is also selected as one of three new famous spots in Japan.
The inside of the garden is surrounded by Mt. Komagatake, an active volcano and a vast forest.

The park is dotted with places to see, including Onuma Lake and Konuma Lake with over 100 islets, as well as the mystical Junsainuma Lake which is known for an abundance in good quality Junsai (water shield plant).

2. Four Seasons At Onuma Park

2-1. Spring In Onuma Park

大沼公園イメージPhoto by (C) RARURU

You can visit the park in spring for its elegant scenery with remaining snow and bird watching.
You’ll see birds like kingfishers, herons, blue-and-white flycatchers, mandarin ducks, and grebes.

Onuma Park’s swamps are also famous for being the birthplace of skunk cabbage.

If you visit the park after all, the snow has melted (around the beginning to the end of April).
It is recommended to visit the lakeside swamp near the East Onuma Camp sight to see the gorgeous white skunk cabbages in full bloom.

2-2.Summer In Onuma Park

大沼公園の夏Photo by (C) RARURU

Temperatures stay below 30°C(86°F) even in midsummer, Onuma Park is an ideal summer resort.
Enjoy cycling, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, and more fun activities in the lush greenery.
Details regarding activities are available later on, so please check them out.

You can also enjoy charming water lilies from the beginning of July to the end of August.

2-3.Autumn in Onuma Park

大沼公園の秋Photo by (C) RARURU

Even in Hokkaido, Onuma Park’s crimson foliage are famous.
During autumn, everything inside the park turns into autumn colors to create a splendid view.

Spend a refreshing day at the park coasting the beautiful swamp area on a cruise ship, a boat or a canoe, or cycling around in the pleasant autumn breeze.

2-4. Winter In Onuma Park

大沼公園の冬Photo by (C) RARURU

The lakeside snow creates a graceful scenery during winter.
In January, when most of the surface of the lake becomes frozen solid.
You can enjoy activities such as snow mobiles and sleighing become available.

There are also winter activities like horseback riding as well as snowshoeing.
For details, please check out the Winter Activities section.

In late November, migratory birds come to stay at a narrow area that connects Onuma and Konuma called, “Shiratoridai Sebatto,” where white birds can be spotted in large groups.
*Sebatto means narrow area

3. Places To See In Onuma Park

3-1. Three Swamps Of Onuma Lake, Konuma Lake, Junsainuma Lake

大沼公園の秋Photo by (C) RARURU

Spanning across the foot of Mt. Komagatake, Onuma Lake is the largest among the three swamps as its name suggests, with a circumference of around 24km (around 14.9 mi).

Some of Onuma Lake’s islets are connected by bridges, so you can walk across them when strolling.

大沼公園イメージPhoto by (C) RARURU

Next to Onuma Lake, there is the Konuma Lake with a circumference of 16km (around 9.9mi), connected by a bridge called Tsukimibashi, famous for its charming water lilies.

大沼公園イメージPhoto by (C) RARURU

Mystical and quiet, Junsainuma Lake was named after the good quality Junsai (water shields) produces, which is also Onuma’s specialty product.

Harvested from late June to mid-August, Junsai plants can be bought raw at specialty shops inside the park for a limited time.

Smelt fishing is also a popular activity in winter.

3-2.View Of Onuma Park From Nikkureyama


Onuma Park has innumerable view points.
However, it is hard to see the park in its entirety once inside.

That’s why we recommend a place that overlooks both Onuma Park and Mt. Komgatake.

With an elevation of 303m (around 994 ft), Nikkureyama is situated in between Konuma Lake and Junsainuma Lake.

It’s about a 30 minute walk ( 1.6km or 0.99mi) to the scenic lookout on Nikkureyama.

Since cars may also go up near the summit of the mountain (except during winter season), we also suggest doing so.

For details:

3-3. Summer And Winter Events At Onuma Park!


There are big events at Onuma Park during summer and winter that gather large groups of participants every year.

Both summer and winter events are exhilarating and bear long history.
How about visiting the park during these events?

Summer Event “Onuma Lake Mizu Matsuri (water festival)”


“Onuma Lake Mizu Matsuri” is a traditional Onuma summer event that lasts for two days.

Starting at noon as a lively event mainly for children, the event attracts huge numbers of participants.

The event’s highlight is “Toro Nagashi” at night, where the lake is decorated with countless floating lanterns in memory of ancestors and sufferers of water disasters, as well as enamoring fireworks that illuminate the lake, creating a dream-like scene.

Winter Event “Onuma Hakodate Yuki to Kori no Saiten (Snow and Ice Fair)”


“Onuma Hakodate Yuki to Kori no Saiten” is Onuma Park’s largest event held annually in February.

There are street booths, giant ice slides made from the lake’s ice, as well as snow and ice sculptures.


At night, the snow and ice sculptures light up to create a dreamy atmosphere.

4.Activities At Onuma Park

4-1.Activities From Spring to Autumn


大沼公園セグウェイイメージPhoto credit by Segway Japan

Segway is a two-wheeled vehicle controlled by shifting your body’s weight while standing.

We’ve found a tour plan where you can accompany a guide who will take you around the park’s waters and lush greenery!

大沼公園セグウェイイメージPhoto credit by Segway Japan

If you’re unsure about how to operate it or anxious about riding it, please do not worry.

Run by Segway Japan, this Segway Tour is attended by a certified guide who will teach you how to ride.

Newcomers need not worry as the guide will slowly go through basic operations and how to ride Segway for 60 minutes (for 16 years or older).

大沼公園セグウェイイメージPhoto credit by Segway Japan

After practicing, participants will be heading to the 5km-long trail (3.1 mi)leading into lush greenery!

As you will be accompanied by a tour guide of nature, you will be able to enjoy watching Onuma Park’s animals and plants on your way.

大沼公園セグウェイイメージPhoto credit by Segway Japan

Segway Tours are available in the morning and after noon.

The Segway Tours are easy to incorporate into your schedule (e.g., Segway Tour in the morning, Cruise tour in the afternoon) which makes it easier for you to plan your tour at Onuma Park.

Segway Tour in Hakodate Onuma
Address:Nishionuma-Onsen Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1355 Japan (Inside the Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel)
Reservation TEL:080-3434-8360(Reservation : weekdays : 10:00~17:00 ※Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday and New Year’s Holiday are closed)

Barbecue Lunch + Activities + Value Plan With Discounts On Local Specialty Items

大沼公園バーベキューPhoto credit by Onuma Experience Tourism Executive Committee

Lakeside barbecue lunch at Onuma, activity plans at the park, as well as value enjoyment plans that come with discounts on local specialty merchandise are available!

One of the discountable local specialty items is Onuma dango at “Numa no Ya.” Details are available later.

大沼公園バーベキューPhoto credit by Onuma Experience Tourism Executive Committee

For lunch, savor tasty barbecue at the garden of “Table de Rivage (introduced later)” while enjoying the scenic view of Onuma Park.

大沼公園イメージPhoto credit by Onuma Experience Tourism Executive Committee

There are a total of 14 activity plans available! Guided tours, canoeing, Japanese crucian carp fishing instructed by a professional fisher, wild birdwatching at the park, pleasure cruises, rowing boats, and more attractive activities await.

These plans also come with discounts on local specialty items at 4,000 yen per adult (USD 37.90), making them a great offer!

The event period is from July 1st to September 30th, limited to only 10 groups per day. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance.

How about spending a pleasurable day at Onuma Park with your special person, your family, or your friends at a bargain price?

For details: Here



Onuma Park is also perfect for cycling as it features a cycling course around Onuma Lake for 14km (around 8.69 mi) long, making for a 70-minute bicycle ride.
How about cycling in the refreshing breeze?
For details regarding rental bicycles:

Pleasure cruises and more


There are plenty of plans that let you enjoy the charming view of Onuma and Konuma from over water.
Cruising plans provided by Onuma Goudou Yusen (Onuma combined cruise ships), regular-service excursion boats, motor boats, rowing boats, paddle boats, fishing boats, and more options are available for all group sizes and purposes.

A lot of attractive cruising are available such as seasonal cruise plans include lunch cruises that serve dishes made with Onuma’s specialty pond smelts and water shields, water lily cruises that start as water lilies bloom, and night-time “Autumn-Colored Light-Up Cruises” known for its dream-like atmosphere (please contact the cruise company for light-up times), and more.

Onuma Yusen Co.Ltd
Address:Onumacho 1023-1Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan


大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

Rowing a boat with your own hands…doesn’t that sound exciting?

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

Canoe tours include early morning tours, night canoeing, and on-demand tours, and more.

Try a unique activity that also lets you enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery! *Please refer to the website for available tour dates

Mt. Komagatake Guided Hiking Tour

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

Besides the mentioned canoe tours, there is also a guided hiking tour from upper Shuho Komagatake from Onuma Park to “Uma no Se (back of a horse)” (900m / 2952.7ft in altitude) to witness a breathtaking scenery that will stay in your heart.

Those new to hiking need not worry as the tour includes a ride up to the parking lot at the 6th meeting point on the mountain.

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

Exander Onuma Canoe House
Address:Onumacho 22-4 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan

Horseback Riding

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Onuma Nagareyama Farm Paard Musee

For those who would like to enjoy horseback riding in the vast place, we recommend horseback riding activity provided by Paard Musee (Onuma Nagareyama Bokujo).

There are plenty of courses available, from interacting with horses to advanced level nature courses.

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Onuma Nagareyama Farm Paard Musee

During the summer, there is an event called, “Fureai Doubutsu-en (touching and interacting zoo)”

You can touch cute rabbits and goats,

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Onuma Nagareyama Farm Paard Musee

Horse ridings are also available, suited not only for children or elders who can’t ride horseback, but also for the entire family.

Onuma Nagareyama Farm
Address:Higashionuma 294-1, Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1351 Japan



The super-popular camping sight near Onuma Lake is free of charge.

Situated in the middle of the forest, the camping sight is surrounded by lush greenery and thick grass turfs. Besides featuring a hundred tents that are easy to use, there are also two cooking structures.

There are also clean restrooms with flushing toilets as well as stands for bonfires (direct use of the fire is prohibited)

There are also chairs for rentals. Enjoying a day off overlooking the lake makes for a memorable experience.

East Onuma Camp Field
Address:Higashionuma, Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1351 Japan
TEL:0138-67-3477(Natural Parks Foundation ~Onuma Brunch~)
Parking:Free Parking Available (80 spots)

4-2.Winter Activities

Snow Mobiles, Sleighs, Buggies


Most of the surface of Onuma Lake freezes over by January, allowing for a variety of fun activities on ice that lets you enjoy the gorgeous winter scenery.

Onuma Yusen Co.Ltd
Address:Onumacho 1023-1 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan

Snow Hiking And More

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

Hiking in a world covered in snow with in snow shoes. Besides plans for novices, there are also ski lifts as well as popular backcountry tours.

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Exander Onuma Canoe House

There are also winter plans for pond smelt fishing (limited one group per day) that lets you enjoy Onuma’s winter more.

Limited one group per day, the backcountry tour includes lunch in the snow. It will make for a truly memorable experience.

Exander Onuma Canoe House
Address:Onumacho 22-4 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan

Winter Horseback Riding

Photo Credit by Onuma Nagareyama Farm Paard Musee

Horseback riding may be fun in the summer, but it’s also enjoyable during winter in the delightful snow.

There are draft horses for children, as well as full-blown courses even in winter.

How about trying it out in a warm and comfortable outfit?

Onuma Nagareyama Farm
Address:Higashionuma 294-1 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1351 Japan

5. Places To Eat / Go In Onuma Park

5-1. Enjoy The Best Lunch By The Lake At “Table de Rivage”


Table de Rivage is a cafe restaurant surrounded by water and thick trees, with a gorgeous view of the lake.


Featuring a high ceiling, the spacious store has a view of the lake and Mt. Komagatake from the outside. Savor your meal while enjoying the beautiful scenery that changes by season.


Taste a variety of lunch and dinner menus made with local seasonal ingredients.


During warmer seasons, we recommend trying out lake cruise lunches at the lake terrace!

How about spending a relaxing time enjoying lunch on the lake on your next visit to Onuma Park?

Table de Rivage
Address:Onumacho 141 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan

Taste Specialty Onuma Beer At Dining Beer Hall “Brauhaus Onuma”


There’s no need to go to Sapporo or the Beer Hall in Hakodate to taste Hokkaido’s famous beer; you can taste these local beer at Onuma Park.

Located a 3-minute walk from JR Onuma Park Station, “Brauhaus Onuma” brews and sells Nanae-cho’s specialty, “Onuma Beer.”

There is also a dining beer hall that is always bustling with locals.

After strolling in Onuma Park, enjoying a pint of beer in an open space is truly a pleasant experience.

Available in three different alcohol varieties, Onuma beer is made with natural alkaline water drawn from the foot of Mt. Yokotsu.

All of these have won prizes in beer contests and their tastes are certified!

Brauhaus Onuma
Address:Onumacho 208 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan
Parking:Available (10 spots)

Original Onuma Dango “Numa no Ya”

大沼公園イメージPhoto Credit by Onuma Experience Tourism Executive Committee

Located a short walk from Onuma Park Station, the original “Numa no Ya” is part of the discountable shops in the above-mentioned barbecue lunch + activities + value plan with discounts on local specialty items.

Ever since its founding in 1905, the shop has been preserving its unique recipe for making its largely-popular bite-sized dango cakes.

They’re so good, people come from far away to taste them.

The delightfully jellylike-textured dangos are available in three flavors: bean jam, sesame, and soy sauce.

Since sesame seed dangos are made in quite limited quantities, they are available only at “Numa no Ya.”

Please be sure to keep in mind that the shop stops selling dangos once they run out. Be sure to visit early times during busy seasons.

Original Onuma Dango “Numa no Ya”
Address:Onumacho 145 Kamedagun Nanaecho, Hokkaido 041-1354 Japan

6.How To Access Onuma Park

Train:about 20 minutes by express train “Super Hokuto”, 50 minutes by local train (both trains are from JR Hakodate station)
Bus:about 20 minutes from Hakodate airport to JR Hakodate station, about 60 minutes from JR Hakodate station to Oonuma National Park
Please refer to
Car:about 50 minutes from Hakodate Airport to Onuma National Park;33km≒20.5mi
about 40 minutes from JR Hakodate Station to Onuma National Park;28km≒17.3mi


How was our introduction to Onuma Park?
The park has plenty of fun activities and a delightful scenery every season. No matter when you visit, the park’s gorgeous natural beauty is ready to see you.
The park also has excellent access by either car or train. So why not adding Onuma park to your itinerary for your next trip to Hokkaido?


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