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Recommended sightseeing spots in Hokkaido and Biei from Spring to Autumn. Get moved by spectacular views!

Biei is a famous sightseeing spot, visited alongside Furano, that has spectacular views and can be enjoyed from Spring through Autumn. Even if you have some vague desire to go to visit Biei, we’re sure you’d like to know the major spots there. Morever, Biei and Furano are rather different, so it’ll be more fun if you get to know about these places before you go!

We’ll be giving you a roundup of what’s alluring about Biei, how it is in comparison to Furano, the best time to go there, recommended sightseeing spots, and the best cafes and shops of the season.
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Let’s enjoy the winter season in Furano!


Furano City, Hokkaido, known for the TV show “Kita no Kuni Kara” and lavender farms.
It is located in the central part of Hokkaido, surrounded by beautiful nature from East to West.
As a basin, there is a great difference in temperature, and in the summer, it can get above 30°C (86°F).

In the winter, the temperature gets down to around -30°C(-22°F), such that you can see diamond dust on a sunny morning.
Moreover, due to the big temperature difference in a day, delicious products can be grown in Furano.
Furano is famous for the flowers and activities in the summer, but there are many equally amazing things in the winter.

Here, we have summarized the activities, tourist spots, and food in Furano in the winter time.
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Tourist Spots and Some Model Courses in Furano and Biei!

“Furano” and “Biei” are one of the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. Both of them have many famous locations that were used in dramas and commercials.

However, people who have never visited have said that they do not exactly know how best to travel around these areas.

This article will cover the recommended tourist spots and model courses in Furano and Biei.
(*This course is for the spring/summer season, and assumes that you have a rental car)

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6 Recommended Hotels in Furano – categorized by activity


Furano is famous for lavender fields in the summer and for ski resorts in the winter. During the tourist season (July-August; December-March), the roughly 20 hotels in the area all get completely full. It’s a good idea to reserve a hotel beforehands. This article will cover the top 6 hotels. Take a look before you start booking!

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[Hokkaido Garden Path] Enjoy the Eight Gardens

Hokkaido Garden Path
“I want to go for a drive amidst the glory of nature.”
“I’ve always had a thing for locations where I’m surrounded by grass, trees and flowers.”
“I want to try Hokkaido’s famous food.” ……

If you have any of these desires, then surely the spot called the “Hokkaido Garden Path” will make them come true.

Hokkaido… the 21st largest island in the world.
Here, there are cities, leisure areas, nature, great food, and any and every kind of tourist spot you’d want on a trip. Of these, the “Hokkaido Garden Path” is a wonderful area with “nature” and “food.”

The “Hokkaido Garden Path,” as it is fondly known, is a course that connects several sightseeing areas.
How did it get this pet name, you ask? On this page, in addition to explaining the reason and meaning of the Garden Path’s name, we’ll really get into its charms!
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The “Blue Pond” in Biei, its seasonal vistas, and how to get there

biei blue pond
The Blue Pond in Biei, Hokkaido has become a hot tourist spot in recent years. In this article, I am going to let you in on how the pond got its blue color, the best time to visit it, times when it becomes crowded and when visitors are relatively sparse, and about the allure of the Blue Pond itself.
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Recommended Season, Spots, and Travel Itinerary to Enjoy the Lavender Fields in Furano

furano-lavender-top-image “Speaking of Hokkaido, I think of the lavender fields in Furano”
“I want to see that scenery once in my life!”…… This is what many people say.

However, when is the best time to see them? Where are the viewing spots?

I wrote this article to answer such questions. I’m going to introduce the “This is it!” information based on my experience organizing lavender appreciation trips at a travel agency over many years.
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