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More Fun If You Know♪ The History of Slopes in Hakodate Motomachi and 3 Cafe Picks


The town of Hakodate, which opened port in the Bakumatsu period, prospered mainly at the foot of Hakodate sprawling from the left as seen from the Hakodate port.

Because of that, many tourist spots are along the slopes, such as the impressive western style building “Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward” and the “Motomachi Church Assembly” where churches of various religions are all lined up. Though Hakodate tourism might have been enjoyable, there are perhaps many visitors who were hassled by the peaks and valleys of these slopes.

However did you know that such slopes in the Motomachi Ward all have names? Perhaps knowing where their name came from would make your stroll through the neighborhood of Motomachi more fun.

On this occasion, we will introduce the origins of three slopes and cafes at which you can rest your weary feet.

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Top 5 Recommended Scenic Seaside Cafes of Minatomachi, Hakodate [Refreshing Sights Galore♪]



Hakodate, a city surrounded on all sides by the sea. The sight of that majestic body of water, which can be seen from various locations, imparts a touch of convalescence for hearts fatigued by the humdrum of everyday life.

Compared to its townscape with its unique foreign flavor and its beautiful night scenery, the vistas of the sea is quite overlooked in Hakodate’s tourism.

However, the sea, which can be seen from a number of angles such as from the Tsugaru Strait and from the Hakodate Bay, is able to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone precisely because it is in Hakodate.

Such delightful a sight can be taken in from various places, though ones where you can safely relax and unwind while watching the sea are few and far between.

So with that, please let us introduce 5 cafes where you can enjoy the sight of Hakodate’s sea.

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Hakodate’s Hidden Gems: Several Great Sightseeing Spots for a Daylong Drive


Hakodate: One of the Hokkaido’s leading sightseeing spots.
A rich selection of guidebooks has been prepared for the many tourists who visit Hakodate every year.

However, many of them leave you unsure where exactly to go or in what order you should visit, and the ones who do suggest an itinerary mostly stick to the most standard, iconic spots.

That’s why I’ve put together this plan for a one-day drive through Hakodate, touring some sightseeing spots off the beaten path.
The plan is just about the same one I’ve used on one of my own day trips to Hakodate.

If you stick to the same order, you should be able to hit every spot in just one day, but there are a few spots where you’ll need to make reservations in advance, so be careful.

The drive mostly sticks to the outskirts of Hakodate, so there’s a decent amount of mileage involved. Remember to drive safely, and have fun enjoying what Hakodate has to offer!

1. Hakodate Carl Raymond House Motomachi
2. Hasegawa Store
3. Trappistine Convent
4. Carl Raymond Headquarters Factory
5. Hakodate Wine Vineyard Main Store
6. New Hakodate Hokuto Station
7. Hokuto Fishery
8. Trappistine Monastery
9. Michi no Eki Misogi no Sato Kikonai
10. Hotel Seabreeze (Hotel Umi no Kaze)
In Closing

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Hakodate shio ramen: 6 recommended restaurants!

Hakodate shio ramen

When it comes to eating ramen in Hakodate, its well-known salt-based shio ramen variety is the popular choice.

The reason why Hakodate is known for its shio ramen is thought to lie in the fact that the city used to be visited a lot by merchants from the Jiangnan region of China, who set up shop here with menus that included noodles in salt broths that were popular in the Jiangnan region.

Also, a dish called “Nanking soba” was served in 1884 in a Hakodate restaurant named Yowaken. This “Nanking soba” is said to be the origin of what later became known as ramen.

Here in Hakodate, with its historic ties to shio ramen, I will introduce a number of recommended restaurants at which to try this local specialty.
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Autumn in Hakodate: sights and events rich in history and tastes

a statue -not quite Napoleon- but close

Once summer in Hakodate is gone, so is the heat; and a pleasant season begins. If you are going to visit Hakodate in autumn, it is a good idea to first go for a walk through the city, which you can expect to be imbued by the colors of the season. The leaves on the trees lining the streets and parks turn a vibrant shade of red.

How about a walk through the popular sightseeing areas and the western district? In the western district the Hakodate Orthodox Church is a well-known sight, but actually the area comprises many temples and shrines too that are also worth exploring.

Hakodate is fortunate to be surrounded by seas and mountains that both are sources of an abundance of delicious food. A gourmet event is held during the autumn’s harvest period. In addition, I will also introduce other charms of Hakodate in autumn, describe its climate and given some clothing suggestions.
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A guide to the sight and events of Hakodate in summer

Sight from Mt Hakodate In Hakodate tourism thrives regardless of the season. On June 1 the seasonal ban on catching squid, a Hakodate delicacy, is lifted; and many tourists come to taste the fresh squid, and see the lights of the squid fishing boats dotted across the Tsugaru Strait at night. However, at classic tourist attractions such as the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward and Mt Hakodate, there are ways to enjoy the rest of the summer too! Here I will give some suggestions on how to enjoy summer in Hakodate; a season in which various events take place, such as the Hakodate Open-air Theater, where the history of Hakodate is reenacted, and the Hakodate Port Festival, where citizens gather to enjoy the short summer with every ounce of their beings.
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Four charming summer festivals in Hakodate and southern Hokkaido

Hakodate fireworks

What can you look forward to when visiting Hakodate in summer?
Freshly caught squid, seafood gourmet, an exotic townscape which contrasts with its green surroundings, the view of a sea of clouds, and foggy night views from Mount Hakodate; summertime Hakodate is full of charm and attractions.

Summer in Hakodate is also a time for festivals. Here I will introduce 4 summer festivals in Hakodate and southern Hokkaido that you should not miss out on if you’re in the Hakodate area at the right time. All these summer festivals have their own unique charms!
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Hakodate in spring: the 4 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Hakodate!

The cold, snowy season is almost over in Hokkaido, and when the cherry blossom season has nearly completed its run through Honshu, Hokkaido gets to view its first cherry blossoms of the season, something the locals have all been waiting for!

In the southern part of Hokkaido, where the cherry blossoms bloom the soonest, the first blossoms begin to appear around late April, reaching their peak later in spring.

Clearly then, now is the perfect time to recommend four of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Hakodate city. Come and get the most out of what Hakodate has to offer at these locations!

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Let’s Explore the Hakodate Morning Market!

函館朝市Hakodate Morning Market’ – a place brimming with energy and liveliness.
One of the joys of traveling has to be experiencing the food. Here in Hakodate, all the food available is deliciously fresh!

This time we will show you some fun things to do at Hakodate Morning Market!
For those who just want to eat delicious food, or for those who just want to have a smile put on their face – Hakodate has it all.

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