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How did I not know about this convenient bus? The Higashi-Hokkaido Tour Bus, explained!

Hokkaido is now receiving much attention as one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations. Eastern Hokkaido (or Higashi Hokkaido) in particular is known to be popular among tourists who appreciate nature.

It is, however, an expansive natural region, and most people have a strong impression that it cannot be traveled effectively without a rental car. That is why not all too many people have taken the plunge and made their way to Higashi Hokkaido.

Last year (2016) however, a limited-time tourist bus began making trips starting in Sapporo and looping around Eastern Hokkaido. The name of that bus? The Higashi-Hokkaido Tour Bus! Now receiving attention for its route which runs from Sapporo to Shiretoko (Hokkaido’s easternmost point) over four days, this bus offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing along the way.
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Hokkaido’s Top 10 Cheeses!


Hokkaido is the home of a variety of delicious cheeses.

Made from milk, cheese is a healthy and delicious food, safely retaining the milk’s protein and calcium content while also acting as a source of vitamin A and vitamin B2.

In addition to its health benefits, cheese is also said to be beneficial for beauty purposes. Out of the huge number of cheeses produced in Hokkaido, we would like to present our 10 local favorites.

Come visit and take home one of these Hokkaido star cheeses!

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First time sightseeing in Hokkaido? Here are the 10 must-see destinations!

Beautiful Hokkaido

There are many places in this world that may strike one as beautiful simply from looking at pictures taken there. In Japan alone, there are more worthy destinations than visitable in a single lifetime.

Hokkaido is one such wonderful region, which is dotted with spots that leave lasting impressions on the hearts and minds of those that visit them.

It brims with with all the ingredients that can make a vacation in Japan everything you hoped for; such as nature, delicious food, and onsen. However, for someone who has never been to Hokkaido the island has so much to offer that choosing an itinerary can easily become overwhelming and confusing.

If that’s the case, this article is for you! Here I will introduce a selection of 10 popular must-see sightseeing destinations in Hokkaido!
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20 delicious Hokkaido dishes selected by our local correspondents — from famous restaurants to hidden gems!

gastronomic imagery

Hokkaido is renowned throughout Japan for its delicious food. Here we present to you one exquisite dish each from a selection of 20 different establishments across Hokkaido’s gastronomic spectrum, each wholeheartedly vouched for by our local correspondents. Included are both famous restaurants and little known personal favorites.Read more

Delicious food of Hokkaido: 15 recommended delicacies

recommended delicacies

“If I go on a vacation I want to eat tasty food!”

Yes, I think that’s a wish shared by pretty much everyone. It can be very disappointing to travel somewhere without getting the chance to taste some of the local specialties.

This is especially true when traveling to Hokkaido, which is nothing short of a gourmet’s treasure trove. Not only are the ingredients produced here topnotch, they also form the basis for many unique local dishes.

With that in mind, I will feature here, as a traveling reporter, my favorite 15 Hokkaido delicacies, which I hope you will get to try too!

I have selected only dishes which I wholeheartedly recommend as delicacies that you should try at least once, so you might want to hold on to this article for future reference!
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Highlights of August: enjoy the refreshing summer of Hokkaido!

Hokkaido sunflower field

As you know, Hokkaido is a wonderful place where you can enjoy each of the four seasons in various ways.

The island always excites its tourists with activities and events that take full advantage of the harsh winter, shibazakura cherry blossoms and stunning lavender fields blooming from spring to summer, and a vast sea of autumn leaves in autumn.

Let’s see what awaits you in August, the month generally considered to be midsummer?

Here I will introduce the highlights and events of August in Hokkaido from ranging staple to specialized information. Let’s check out Hokkaido’s unique seasonal fun activities.
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The complete guide to sightseeing in Eastern Hokkaido

Kushiro Marsh

In Eastern Hokkaido, there are many fascinating tourist spots and highlights, such as Shiretoko Peninsula, Kushiro Marshland, and Abashiri.
Let us introduce you to the highlights and sightseeing spots that are familiar to the locals in Eastern Hokkaido.
We will also share information about dining and events that can only be enjoyed in Eastern Hokkaido.
We’d love to have you visit Eastern Hokkaido at least once. Please take a moment to read this article at least once before you visit Eastern Hokkaido. We’d love to have you feel and enjoy to the fullest the charms that can only be experienced in Eastern Hokkaido, a place blessed with abundant nature.
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Hokkaido in July! All the unmissable sights, tastes and pleasures of the season

Look at any guidebooks or information sites, and it’ll tell you that July is the best season to visit Hokkaido. They’ll say that this or that is the best. But don’t you find that there’s too much information, and that you’re at a loss to choose where to go?

If you’re saying it’s the best season, then sure… But really, there’s no bad season to visit Hokkaido. We can promise that. In the huge expanse of Hokkaido, there’s always somewhere in its best season.

But it’s true that there are certain sights and tastes you can only enjoy at a particular time of year. So, this time we’re going to give you our carefully selected picks for July.
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Summer is almost here! A roundup of sightseeing spots, events and clothes in Hokkaido in June.

Summer is about to start from June in Hokkaido. There are probably a lot of people who have questions about what to do in Hokkaido, what kind of events take place there, how the weather and climate is, or what kind of clothes to wear.

Hokkaido is a wonderful place that can be enjoyed in each of the four seasons. Even each month has something special to offer! We’ll be introducing to you a roundup of the sightseeing spots that you should definitely visit in June. The coming season will make it a great summer retreat. We hope you have a fun and refreshing time in Hokkaido this summer!

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