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A selection of five markets brimming with seafood in Otaru!

Otaru, Hokkaido is well-known as a port town. Perhaps you are thinking of buying fresh seafood while you’re there but are not sure when or which market to go to. There is no much information on the internet and it’s difficult to find about the markets, their ambience and what kinds of items are available.
Otaru city is dotted with nine markets. We’ll leave out the small markets and introduce you to five of the recommended markets, their ambience and how to access them, just as we saw them!
If you go to Otaru after reading this, you’ll be able to enjoy strolling around and shopping in the markets of the town while taking full advantage of the limited time you’ll be there.

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How to fully enjoy the shopping in Sapporo Central Wholesale Market!


Do you know what Sapporo Outside Market (Jyogai Ichiba) is like?

As Sapporo’s kitchen, Outside Market is busy with many customers who come to buy fresh seafood and produce.

Hokkaido is known for “food;” if you are looking for the freshest ingredients, this place is suitable for these purposes!

Here, we list our recommendations at Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and the adjacent Outside Market, popular menu items, and points when shopping.
Please do enjoy flavors of Hokkaido at the Central Wholesale Market.

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New Chitose Airport Souvenirs | 11 Items Chosen by Hokkaido Travel Representatives

new-chitose-souvenir-conbine-image At the end of a trip to Hokkaido, I want to buy souvenirs at the New Chitose Airport. However, there are approximately 180 shops within the airport with rows upon rows of sweets, foodstuffs, and other goods.

But, the majority of those shops are in the domestic terminal, so what I am going to introduce may be out of the way for those returning home through the international terminal.
However, it is worth it to set aside time to go.

I am going to illustrate a way get your shopping done smoothly in a limited time frame by introducing a few carefully selected items from among the countless things available in the airport.
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