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Shiretoko’s Snow Activities! Top 5 Voted Experiences and Events!


The natural heritage site of Shiretoko is an area at Shari and Rausu, which are located in the eastern regions of Hokkaido.

As a tourist area rich in nature, most of its main tour seasons were in Summer but in recent years activities and event which can be experienced at Winter have increased, making it more substantial and productive than ever before.

In this occasion, we will introduce ways of fully enjoying Shiretoko during the peak of Winter. There are many activities on offer that enables you to really feel the coldness of Shiretoko with your skin!

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A Must-Experience when visiting Otaru in Winter; the Highlights of the Otaru Snow Story!


Otaru City, Hokkaido.
Highly famous as a tourist trap throughout the year, with winter being the recommended season to experience what Otaru’s tourism has to offer.

For when it becomes winter, an event known as the “Otaru Snow Story” is held throughout the city. Glass art showcases, angelic illuminations… with its romantic designs, it offers an escape into a snow-capped land of fantasy, its alluring and ethereal beauty tempting visitors to forget reality.

On this occasion, please allow us to introduce in detail the “Otaru Snow Story”, its highlights and its locations and hosting period.

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The Otaru Snow Light Path! The Local Way

Otaru, a historical port town located near Sapporo is frequented by visitors all year round. The Otaru Snow Light Path is an annual event that will be marking its 20th year. This popular event lasts only 10 days, but is able to welcome up to 500,000 visitors every year.

When people talk of Hokkaido, the most famous event that comes to mind is the Sapporo snow festival. When it comes to the the Otaru Snow Light Path words such as phenomenal or romantic would be more suitable to describe this event.

It would probably not be an overstatement to say that this event is well suited for couples. It is also recommended by locals as a must see event for tourists  We will let you know how to prepare, and our recommendations for the day you visit.
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Summer is almost here! A roundup of sightseeing spots, events and clothes in Hokkaido in June.

Summer is about to start from June in Hokkaido. There are probably a lot of people who have questions about what to do in Hokkaido, what kind of events take place there, how the weather and climate is, or what kind of clothes to wear.

Hokkaido is a wonderful place that can be enjoyed in each of the four seasons. Even each month has something special to offer! We’ll be introducing to you a roundup of the sightseeing spots that you should definitely visit in June. The coming season will make it a great summer retreat. We hope you have a fun and refreshing time in Hokkaido this summer!

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7 great places for cherry blossoms in Sapporo City

sapporo cherry odouripark In general, cherry blossoms bloom from late March to early April in Japan. However, it is different in Hokkaido.
As it is located in the northernmost part of Japan, it is last to become warm weather.
Spring eventually comes in late April in Sapporo, the capital of the Prefecture, and cherry blossoms bloom till May.

Since its location is in the northernmost part, Hokkaido’s climate and plants are unique in comparison to many other parts of Japan. There are also varieties of cherry blossom trees that are not found in Honshu.
In this time, we introduce 7 recommended places within Sapporo during the cherry blossom season.
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Six tips to enjoy the “Sapporo Snow Festival(さっぽろ雪まつり)”

A famous Japanese winter event, the Sapporo Snow Festival!
Every February, people from all over Japan and, lately, all over the world gather in Sapporo.
Where should we go to see the sights? How do we get there?
Where are the main grounds?
Where are convenient places to stay?

You may have many questions like these.

A professional from a Japanese tourism company that has planned Hokkaido tours for many years is here to answer your questions!

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What to do in Autumn Season Hokkaido in October!

Hightlights of Hokkaido to Visit in October

Hokkaido is extremely cold and autumn also comes earliest here in Japan.

In this article, we have summarized must-see attractions and events during the autumn season in October.

We provide a lot of information related to the autumn leaves (which changes colors the earliest in Japan), special events, and points of interest in October in Hokkaido!

For your reference, we also introduce the best type of clothing that suits Hokkaido’s temperature and weather in October.

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