Winter in Hokkaido – Temperature, Clothing and Daily Life

chirdren's winter in hokkaidoBefore you come to Hokkaido, there is something I’d like you to know. I’d like you to know the ways in which snow affects people’s everyday life.

If you grew up in an area with no snow, Hokkaido in wintertime is full of wonder! Even if you have visited other places in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, Hokkaido in winter is a completely different world. Please use this article to prepare for your visit to Hokkaido.

Vice versa, if you grew up in an area with lots of snow, you may make some interesting observations. Some things may be different from your town, while some things are the same, so you’re in for a novel experience.

I live in Hokkaido with my family, and here I shall explain about everyday life on the island during the winter months.
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