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new-chitose-souvenir-conbine-image At the end of a trip to Hokkaido, I want to buy souvenirs at the New Chitose Airport. However, there are approximately 180 shops within the airport with rows upon rows of sweets, foodstuffs, and other goods.

But, the majority of those shops are in the domestic terminal, so what I am going to introduce may be out of the way for those returning home through the international terminal.
However, it is worth it to set aside time to go.

I am going to illustrate a way get your shopping done smoothly in a limited time frame by introducing a few carefully selected items from among the countless things available in the airport.

Note: The information within this article concerning stores and prices is current as of March 2015.

Table of Contents
1. Royce’ (Nama Chocolate (au lait))(Potatochip Chocolate) (Royce’ Pop Chocolate)
2. Ryugetsu (Samporoku Baumkuchen Kowari)
3. Glico Caramel Kitchen (Caramel Biscuit)
4. YOSHIMI (Sapporo okaki Oh! yakitoukibi)
5. MORIMOTO (sun-filled bright red jelly)
6. HORI (JAGAIMO KORO KORO)7. siretoko sanzaemon honpo (Su-kombu)
9. Kamaei (Bread Roll) (Kani Koura)
10. MYSTAR, the representative cosmetic skin care brand for Hokkaido is extremely popular among women!
11. MELONKUMA Goods (Magnet) (Coin Bank)
Advice for Souvenir Shopping at New Chitose Airport

Hokkaido is known in Japan as a place with delicious food.
Though there are few wide-open fields in Japan, Hokkaido, which has the largest area of all the prefectures, has well-developed agriculture and dairy industries.
Because of this, Hokkaido is famous for its vegetables, dairy products, and in the sweets industry, its chocolate.

Additionally, because Hokkaido is surrounded by ocean, there are numerous fishing ports, so seafood and seafood-based foodstuffs are also popular.
Due to these circumstances, the majority of souvenir options are tasty food.

The Standard of the Standard! My Top 3 Sweets Choices


1. The brand everyone thinks of when you mention Hokkaido – Royce’

If you ask someone to give an example of a Hokkaido souvenir, “Royce’,” the representative brand of Hokkaido souvenirs, is the name that comes up.

[Nama Chocolate (au lait)]


Made using Hokkaido-produced fresh cream, this tremendously popular chocolate easily melts in your mouth. With an outside covered in cocoa powder, this delicious chocolate has an incredible depth of flavor.

Royce’ New Regular Item!: Potatochip Chocolate

royce-potatochip-chocolateThis is an item that even people from the area go out of their way to buy. Made using Hokkaido-grown potatoes and a coating of rich Royce’ chocolate, the saltiness of this product’s flavor combination is particularly popular among younger generations.

Great for Kids!: Royce’ Pop Chocolate

royce-pop-chocolateThese are chocolates with a wide variety of different animals with lovable faces. Four different animal chocolate pops come in a boat-shaped box, so the presentation is especially cute! This souvenir is recommended for children.

Recommended Royce’ Chocolate Types and Why

– Ideal for: people who like sweet things, people who like typical souvenirs
– Why: good ratings and can please nearly anyone

– Where: New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0120-612-452
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
– Price: Royce’ Nama Chocolate (20 pcs/box) – ¥756; Potatochip Chocolate – ¥756 (all prices are tax included)

In addition to the souvenir shop in the domestic terminal, there is also a Royce’ specialty space known as “Chocolate World.”
It is located in the 3rd floor joint facility that connects the domestic and international terminals.

Inside, you will find Japan’s first in-airport chocolate factory and museum. Also, there is a shop full of original chocolate.

Royce’ Chocolate World

Where: New Chitose Airport Joint Facility 3F
Tel: 0120-612-453
Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (Note: the factory space is 8:30AM – 5:30PM)
Price: Royce’ Pop Chocolate (4/box) – ¥907 (tax included)

2. The one I learned about from my friend in Hokkaido: Ryugetsu Sanporoku Baumkuchen Kowari

ryugetsu-sanporoku-image1This baumkuchen is decorated with chocolate of two different colors meant to emulate a Japanese white birch in appearance. When you cut it, it looks like a real white birch.

In terms of flavor, it has both the remnants of the original mild flavor of baumkuchen in combination with the rich flavor of the two chocolates on the white birch side. It is extremely delicious.

It was this that my friend in Hokkaido recommended to me. I highly recommend this to baumkuchen fans. The simple, rustic flavor created by the liberal use of Hokkaido’s carefully selected ingredients is easy on the palate, so this item can even be enjoyed by older generations!

ryugetsu-sanporoku-image2Ideal for: people who like baumkuchen, children and elderly people who prefer softer foods
Why: well-established reputation for its flavor


Shop Name: Ryugetsu
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-45-0036
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
– Price: “Samporoku” Baumkuchen Kowari (5 pcs/box) – ¥580+

3. Major Sweets Company Glico’s Caramel Biscuits

glico-caramel-kitchen-image1There are probably no children in Japan who have never eaten caramel by Glico. That’s how famous Glico is as a sweets company.

In the summer of 2014, Glico opened its first caramel specialty shop, the Caramel Kitchen. It immediately became popular, and it is always bustling with customers.

The usual Glico products are aimed at children, but here at the Caramel Kitchen, you can also find products to satisfy an adult’s palate.

My number one recommendation are the Caramel Biscuits. These consist of rich biscuits made with ample amounts of Hokkaido butter layered with fine caramel. The dual layers of caramel and biscuit combine in your mouth, creating the greatest texture.


– Ideal for: friends and coworkers
– Why: precisely because these are made by a major sweets company, it’s a flavor you shouldn’t miss


– Where: New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (open 365 days/year)
– URL:
– Price: Caramel Biscuits (1 box) – ¥960
Homemade Caramel (Chocolate) (8 pcs/box) – ¥864

Absolutely Must-Have Souvenirs – The Sweets Edition

4. A combination of Hokkaido’s famous corn and the traditional Japanese sweet “okaki!”

sapporo-okaki-oh-tokibi-image1Quickly becoming a Hokkaido staple, this okaki has a light texture and makes use of delicious corn as a primary ingredient.

Spread through word-of-mouth as being “delicious,” this treat’s secret lies in its use of freeze-dried corn. The combination of okaki’s crunchy texture with the light texture of the freeze-dried corn creates a deep flavor. Plus, the bold addition of round corn kernels rolling around in your mouth is bound to leave you wanting more.

apporo-okaki-oh-tokibi-image2– Ideal for: people who like deep flavors, people who like new things
– Why: the combination of freeze-dried corn with a bold flavor makes for a rare experience

Inside the shop called YOSHIMI “BLUE SKY”
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-2461
– Hours: 7:10AM – 8:30PM
– URL:
– Price: Sapporo okaki Oh! yakitoukibi (6 bags/box) – ¥648


5. Earthy and Wholesome!: Bright Red Jelly

morimoto-red-jerry1This is a jelly made using Hokkaido-grown Campari (Van Gogh) tomatoes. The jelly has a high sugar content, and is packed with nutrient-rich tomatoes, an idea that has received awards in numerous contests. This is a treat that, according to foodies, “even people who hate tomatoes should eat.” When you actually bite take a bite, you can barely even taste the tomatoes because of this jelly’s natural sweetness. It is truly a fruity jelly.

– Ideal for: families with small children, people who dislike tomatoes, people who love tomatoes
– Why: to be moved by the deliciousness of tomatoes! may also be a way for those who dislike tomatoes to overcome their distastemorimoto-red-jerry2

Store Name: MORIMOTO New Chitose Airport
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-4181
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
– Price: sun-filled bright red jelly (4/box)

6. Something that highlights the natural flavor of potatoes: JAGAIMO KORO KORO

hori-jaga-korokoro1This is a sweet made using mashed high-quality Hokkaido-grown potatoes combined with rice crackers. It is quite savory.

The Hokkaido-grown kombu paired with superb seasoning is quite a match. Plus, the flavor doesn’t disappear as you keep chewing! This is a flavor idea that only could have come out of Hokkaido.

There are also hints of red chili pepper and wasabi. Feel free to enjoy this delicious treat.

– Ideal for: people who enjoy snacks with alcohol, people in homes that always keep tea snacks handy
Why: this has a flavor that works perfectly as a sidesnack for both alcohol and tea


Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (365 days/year)
– URL: (HORI main site):
– Price: JAGAIMO KORO KORO (170g) – ¥390

Absolutely Must-Have Souvenirs – The Seafood Edition

7. Have you ever had real su-kombu?: su-kombu

sukonbu1Su-kombu that is made with kombu and organic is actually very sweet.

The white powder on the outside is mannitol, the ingredient that makes this kombu sweet—no sugar is used. The combination of vinegar, plus high-quality pure kombu covered in the sweetener (AKA: white powder), makes for a superb flavor that satisfies the palate!

Aside from foodstuffs, I also recommend the kombu tea and plum kombu tea.

– Ideal for: people who like alcohol, people who drink a lot of tea, people who value authenticity
(Caution: there is a chance that small children and elderly people will have difficulty swallowing)
– Why: the outside is coated in sweetener, but the more you chew, the more the kombu taste is released, making it a perfect partner for alcohol or tea


Shop Name: siretoko sazaemon honpo
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-2161
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (365 days/year)
– URL:
– Price: Su-kombu – ¥300

8. It fills your mouth with delicious scallop flavor!: Yaki Hotate

yaki-hotateThis yaki hotate has a cute appearance that looks as though you took a scallop, squeezed it, and made it into a more compact size. Though it is dried, the moment you put it in your mouth you can feel the savory, grilled flavor expand.

Dried items are incredibly popular as a means of delivering Hokkaido’s greatness as it is. There is no doubt that this boundless deliciousness will be a hit with people who enjoy seafood. These are packed in individually wrapped bags, so they will stay fresh for anyone who eats them!

– Ideal for: people who like seafood, people who like scallops. also, people who enjoy alcohol (it is a particularly good snack for drinking!)
– Why: you can taste Hokkaido’s delicious ingredients as though you are there. it should also serve as a good snack for people who enjoy alcohol.


Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-5808
– Hours: 7:30AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
– Price: 120g: ¥1,080; 500g: ¥4,320

9. You can eat it there just after its fried!: Kamaei’s Kamaboko

kamaei-kamabokosKamaei is a chain with a long history, originally founded in 1905, and has served as a specialty shop for kamaboko in the town of Otaru. I can say personally that it is extremely delicious!

Note: Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese dish made by kneeding white fish with starch and heating it. It has a flexible texture, and is characterized by its faint sweetness from the fish. Long ago, it was once considered a high-class item.

Though the shop is in the airport, you can eat it freshly-fried on the spot, or you can get take-out! An option that is particularly popular among regional fans is the bread roll, a mysterious food item created by wrapping the kamaboko in bread. If you opt for take-out, it can get oily, so try to enjoy it fresh!

kamaei-pan-rollAn item that is good for souvenirs is the “kani koura.” These are images of Hokkaido-bred crabs recreated in the shape of cute, round sushi balls. kamaei-kani-koura

– Ideal for: families, people with an interest in traditional Japanese cuisine
– Why: products made from fish-paste make excellent side-dishes! you can also use soy sauce to bring out the flavor more clearly if you wish

Shop Name: Kamaei
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-5894
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (365 days/year)
– URL:
– Price: Bread Roll – ¥216; Kani Koura – ¥1,404

Absolutely Must-Have Souvenirs – The Goods Edition


10. The representative of Hokkaido cosmetic brands! MYSTAR skin care products are extremely popular among women

pure-honey-set-imageIn Hokkaido, where nature is abundant, you can find a wealth of raw materials. You can use those materials to create not only foodstuffs, but also cosmetics.

pure-honey-cream-imageMYSTAR cosmetics are made using precious, fully-ripe honey found in the town of Engaru in the Doto region of Hokkaido. Because of this honey, these cosmetics act as an intense moisturizer and protect against dry skin.

pure-honey-rip-imageThey are easy to spread to coat both your hands and lips, so they are perfect for people with dry skin. You can also put them in your bag and carry them with you so that you can use them anytime you want.

– Ideal for: women who like to try cosmetics, people who are particular about the ingredients of cosmetics
– Why: these cosmetics are all made one by one, so they are high in quality

Store Name: Craft Studio
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-5732
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
Price: Pure Honey Lip Essence (10g) – ¥1,296 (tax incl.)
Pure Honey Hand & Body Cream (75g) – ¥1,620 (tax incl.)
Pure Honey Hand & Body Cream (200g) – ¥2,916 (tax incl.)

11. A popular mascot?: MELONKUMA Magnets

meron-bear-imageEver since its appearance in 2009, MELONKUMA has become a household name and dominated Hokkaido’s local mascot industry. What I am going to introduce here is a kind of magnet.

The town of Yubari in Hokkaido is the production area for melons. Also, because there is bountiful nature in the area, you can also find bears. At first glance, this mascot that combines the Yubari melon with Hokkaido’s bears is frightening (in fact, when this character appears at events held at nursery schools, small children often cry). But, because there is not actually anything to fear, MELONKUMA is quite popular.

This is a round magnet, but you can split it in half. When you look inside, you will discover that the inner-portion is the color of a melon. In addition to being a unique and interesting souvenir, it is also practical because you can use it as a document clip.

meron-bear-eat-sarmonThere are numerous varieties of MELONKUMA goods—the coin bank is also quite popular!

– Ideal for: coworkers, yourself (not for significant others or children)
– Why: I highly recommend using this at your desk. There’s no doubt that whosoever receives this will become the talk of the office!

Shop Name: Craft Studio
– Where: Domestic Terminal Building 2F
– Tel: 0123-46-5732
– Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
– URL:
Price: MELONKUMA Magnet – ¥699; MELONKUMA Coin Bank – ¥2,100; MELONKUMA Coin Bank (Simple Version) – ¥1,680; over thirty other kinds of MELONKUMA goods

Advice for Souvenir Shopping in New Chitose Airport

– Ensure plenty of time

At times when there is an increased number of travellers, such as between July and September, the New Year, and Golden Week, not to mention any other holiday, the airport can be extremely crowded. It is best to allow plenty of time for checking in, shopping, and waiting in line for the restroom.

(Those who shop in the Domestic Terminal but intend to depart from the International Terminal should be extra cautious.)

– I want to shop, but my traveling partner doesn’t. Where should they wait?

There are numerous leisure facilities located throughout New Chitose Airport.

In-Airport Hot Springs Facility: New Chitose Airport Hot Springs

new-chitose-manyo-spa-imageHot water is delivered daily directly from a spring! There is an open air bath, a relaxation room, not to mention an esthe and restaurant.

New Chitose Airport Hot Springs (4F)
Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00AM the following day (open 23 hours)
Entrance Fee (yukata, bath towel, and face towel incl.):
Adults (middle school+): ¥1,500
Elementary School Students: ¥800
Children (3yrs+): ¥600
Note: There is a special late-night fee for entering after 1AM.

Doraemon Entertainment Facility: Exciting Doraemon Sky Park!

new-chitose-doraemon-image1<© 藤子プロ・小学館・テレビ朝日・シンエイ・ADK>
This is the world’s first airport-connected Doraemon theme park! There are attractions themed around Gadgets, as well as cafes and shops.

Doraemon Exciting Sky Park (Access Passageway 3F)
Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM (last entry is 5:30PM)
Entrance Fee:
Adults: ¥600
Middle and High School Students: ¥400
Children (3yrs+) and Elementary School Students: ¥300

Indoor Playground Full of Equipment – Airport Kids Playground

new-chitose-ashletic-image1 There’s a trampoline and playhouse, plus a number of playground equipment pieces including small children’s bikes. (Children must be over 12 months and under 120cm, and they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Airport Kids Playground (Domestic Terminal Building 4F)
Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM (last entry is 5:00PM)
Pricing: ¥500 for first hour, ¥200 for each additional 30 minutes
Note: Accompanying parent or guardians are free
Note: If you spend more than ¥2,000 in a single day, your next hour is free.
Aimed at children over 12 months and under 120cm.
All children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Hokkaido Animals as Trick Art!: Magical Road

new-chitose-magical-aisleAnimals seem to jump out at you from the walls! This area is full of trick art.

Magical Road (Joint Facility 2F)


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