Enjoy Summer-Time in the vast nature at Rusutsu Resort

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publication date:08/22/2016



Events are held in every season at Hokkaido’s Rusutsu Resort.
During the natural beauty of summer, both domestic and foreign tourists visit in great numbers and can have various experiences.

We would like to introduce Rusutsu Resort in the summer, full of Hokkaido’s charm. You will definitely want to visit!

1.What the Rusutsu Resort is Like?
2.Rusutsu Resort ‘s Appealing Point in Summer Season
2-1. The Sea of Clouds and Sunset viewed from Mt. Yotei
2-2. Rafting & River Rides!
2-3. Horse Trekking in the Nature
2-4. Firework Event in Hokkaido
2-5. Pool and Amusement Park
2-6. Flower Field in Rusutsu
2-7. Gourmet in Hokkaido
3.Sightseeing Spots – Surrounding Area of Rusutsu
4.Access to Rusutsu

1.What the Rusutsu Resort is Like?


At Rusutsu Resort, there is a theme park as well as a hotel where you can savor the feel of Hokkaido. There are plenty of facilities including an amusement park, pool, and hot spring attached as well.


From morning to night, families, couples, friends, and anyone else can enjoy whatever they do to spend their time!

2.Rusutsu Resort ‘s Appealing Point in Summer Season

2-1. The Sea of Clouds and Sunset viewed from Mt. Yotei


~Get a power charge from the morning sunlight!~


Rusutsu’s gondolas run even in the summer season.

At the resort, you can ride the Yotei Gondola and view the sea of clouds.


If you wake early and go in the sunlight, the serotonin secreted in your brain increases, which is connected to raising your basal metabolism.
It’s even more special to do that while seeing the sea of clouds! Get your body rhythms in order with a power charge.

~Gaze at Mount Yotei during a beautiful sunset~

You can see the sunset during a ride on summer evenings.
Bring your day of fun to a close with a sunset.

■The Sea of Clouds – Early Morning :June 11th to August 21th, 2016
Running Time:5:30~6:30
■Summer Vacation Sunset:July 16th to August 28th , 2016
Running Time:17:00~sunset
■Fee:JPY 1,200(Round-Trip)※If you have the amusement park ticket, you can use this for unlimited.
※You cannot enter resort facility unless you are hotel guests.
※Depending on the weather condition

2-2. Rafting & River Rides!


You can ride a rubber raft about 7km (4.3mi) down the clear Shiribetsu River.
With eight people riding together, you’ll feel the full impact of the rapids!

There are intense parts as well as more mild parts along the way, so you can get full satisfaction with this varied course.


We also have family river rides that small children can enjoy.
Children who cannot do rafting can safely enjoy the mild upstream areas of the Shiribetsu River.

Be sure to check out the views on both sides!
The scenery that jumps out at you from both sides widens into an extraordinary world.
Gather plenty of negative ions with the rafting and river ride, feeling the nature of Hokkaido in your body!

~Rafting Experience~
■Opening Terms:the middle of April to the end of October(6 to 11 years-old:the early of June to the end of October)
■Fee:Adult – JPY 6,480 (hotel guests: JPY 5,400)、Children(6 to 11 years-old) – JPY 4,320 (hotel guests: JPY 3,780)
■Helding number of people:more than two people (above six years old)
■Leaving Time:
①8:30(Returns at 12:00)
②13:00(Returns at 16:30)
■Experience Time:90 to 120 minutes
■Joint Group:NRC(Niseko Rafting)

~ Family River Rides (River Rides Experience)~
■Opening Terms:the early of July to the end of August
■Fee:Adult – JPY 4,320、Children – JPY 3,240 (3 to 11 years-old)
■Helding number of people:more than two people
■Leaving Time:
①8:45(Returns at 10:45)
②11:15(Returns at 13:15)
③14:00(Returns at 16:00)
■Experience Time:About an Hour
■Joint Group:NRC(Niseko Rafting)

2-3. Horse Trekking in the Nature


Riding through the highlands on horseback… You can experience a view of the world as if you were in a drama.

Rusutsu in the summer is a place with refreshing breezes where you can escape the heat. You can enjoy the varied and changing scenery while riding a horse!
You can select a short or long course, or we are happy to let you just take one loop around the area.
With this wonderful plan, you can experience horseback riding with the nature of Rusutsu as the background.

ルスツリゾートイメージ]]]Even small children will feel grown up, so please try it out and make memories.

■Opening Terms:End of April to the end of October
①Draft Horse Course (one track):JPY 1,080
②Short Course (above six years old):JPY 2,160
③Standard Course (above 10 years old):JPY 4,320
④Long Course (above 10 years old) :JPY 8,640
➄Toya-Lake Hill Trekking (above 12 years old) :JPY 10,800
■Closing Days:①~④ Every Friday (Except for August) ➄Every Tuesday (Except for August)
■Holding Place:Rusutsu Resort

2-4. Firework Event in Hokkaido

At Rusutsu, you can also enjoy the nights. We recommend our seasonal fireworks.

The Rusutsu Resort show features 1,200 fireworks that you can see up close! It continues for 45 days straight.
There are two different shows which change daily, so it’s even better if you stay more than one night!
Along with fireworks, the giant searchlight and music take it to another level.
The night sky is lit up with tricks different from other fireworks shows.

Games and raffles are available at the festival stalls lined up inside, adding to the festive feeling!
By bringing your yukata, you can enjoy the Hokkaido summer to your heart’s content.

■Opening Terms:July 16th , 2016 to August 28th , 2016
■Opening Hours:
*July 16th to July 21st, 2016:20:00~
*July 22nd to August 21st, 2016:20:45~
*August 22nd to August 28th , 2016:20:00~
※Opens during the rainy season but the stormy weather will be not opened.
■Holding Place:San San Field – in front of the Highland Lodge

2-5. Pool and Amusement Park


The running water pool is popular with small children too.
It is the longest in Hokkaido at 300m (0.18mi) total, where you can swim with floating toys in the flowing water.
You’ll never get tired of this fun pool and always want to go around one more time!

The water sliders and slides into the water are also full of thrills!
There are water guns for children and lots of fun toys in the pool area.


The average temperature of the pools is 28 degrees, so you can enjoy a pleasant swim.


The amusement park is top-class in Hokkaido, with over 60 types of attractions, and many special activities from the resort.


For example, you can ride the roller coaster with your eyes covered by a blindfold.
It’s more than just an amusement park, where you can enjoy new experiences for the first time.

From playthings for young children to attractions where they forget about the grown ups, these are maximum levels of fun!

■ Opening Terms:July 23rd to August 21st , 2016
■Opening Hours:9:00~16:00
■Admission:Available at Amusement Park Admission Ticket

~Amusement Park~
■Opening Hours and Terms:
<Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday : 9:00~17:00>
*April 29th to July 18th, 2016, August 27th to September 25th , 2016

<Weekdays : 9:00~16:30>
*April 29th to July 18th, 2016, August 27th to September 25th , 2016

<Summer Vacation: 9:00~20:30>
*July 22nd to August 21th, 2016

<Other Opening Hours:9:00~16:00>
*October 1st to October 6th , 2016
※Closed from October 11th to October 14th , 2016
■Admission Fee
(One-Day Pass)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 4,950
Children(elementary school student):JPY 3,950
Four to six years-old child・above 60years-old:JPY 1,200

(Twilight Ticket / enter after 14:00)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 3,950
Children(elementary school student):JPY 2,900
Four to six years-old child・above 60years-old:JPY 1,200

(Night Ticket from July 25th to August 24th , 2016 – enter after 17:00)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 2,400
Children(elementary school student):JPY 1,350
Above 60years-old:JPY 1,200

※Admission will be free from four to six years-old child

(Family Discount)
The ticket fee (Adult + Elementary School Student) is JPY 3,950 ※Limited into the family who has elementary school kids

(Student Discount)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 4,100 ※Student Pass needed (Junior high school/high school/university/vocational school)
※ Except for August 9th to 16th

(Lunch Pack One-Day Pass)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 5,400
Children(elementary school student):JPY 4,400
※Lunch Ticket Included – JPN 850

(Handicapped Discount)
Adults(above junior high school student):JPY 2,500
Children(elementary school student):JPY 2,000
※same price for one accompanied person

2-6. Flower Field in Rusutsu


Every year, all of the staffs make flower art for the Flower Street, Ru Nonno.
The name is made up of the Ainu words “ru,” meaning “street,” and “nonno,” meaning “flower.”

The Flower Street, in full bloom on the refreshing highlands is perfect place for a walk!
There are sunflowers and salvia symbolizing summer, as well as marigolds and petunias in bloom.
You can also travel the wide, colorful Flower Street by steam train.
Families with young children, and older people, won’t you come spend time in the flower fields?

2-7. Gourmet in Hokkaido


Salmon roe and crab from Okhotsk are added to the large number of foods in the seasonally-changing buffet!


Besides those, Rusutsu Resorts plans to hold a fair featuring fruits including juicy Yubari and Yotei melons. This great entertainment is for a limited time only, so definitely come and see! (Sea urchin is offered with Japanese food and in bars)

※Opening Terms for Sea urchin, Crab and Salmon Row Festival:June 1st to June 30th , 2016 and September 3rd to October 16th, 2016
※Yubari Cantaloupe Fair:July 1st to July 19th , 2016
※Yotei Melon Fair:July 20th to august 31st


3.Sightseeing Spot – Surrounding Area of Rusutsu

~Appreciate Hell Valley and try hot springs in Noboribetsu~
Noboribetsu is one of the most famous Onsen (hot spring) towns in Hokkaido.
Tour different onsen with a leisurely drive! You may even see some snow remaining in the early summer!

~See the panoramic view at Lake Toya~
Lake Toya is the third-largest caldera lake in Japan.
While looking at the volcanic scenery, we also suggest the Lake Toya and Mount Usu Geopark.

We recommend you ride the Mount Usu Ropeway and get a view of Lake Toya and the Showa-shinzan lava dome!

~Visit Niseko. Bring a towel and relax in the hot springs!~

~Start your Sapporo sightseeing at Rusutsu~
It take about 90 minutes to go from Rusutsu to Sapporo by car. There are all sorts of summer events in Sapporo, too!

~Drive 90 minutes to the Eight Sights of Muroran! Enjoy the collection of spectacular views~
In Muroran there are eight places with amazing views, called the Eight Sights of Muroran, that you can enjoy.

– The beautiful night view of factories around Muroran Harbor

– The night view of the 200-meters summit of Mount Sokuryo, used as a reference during road construction

– The unusual black lilies seen on Daikoku Island

– Cape Etomo at the tip of the peninsula

– The Golden Cliff and Silver Cliff at the southernmost edge of the Cape Etomo

– The open sea view from Masuichi Beach, unchanged since ancient times

– Muroran’s famous Cape Earth, ranked first among 100 natural areas in Hokkaido

– Beautiful scenery at Tokkarisho

Besides these, you can enjoy dolphin and whale watching in Muroran Harbor.
In July, you can see baby whales.
You can enjoy the natural mountains of Rusutsu and the seaside of Muroran in one trip. Rent a car and take a day trip.

4.Access to Rusutsu


Rusutsu Resort operates a round-trip shuttle bus from New Chitose Airport for its guests. All seats on the Big Runs bus are by reservation only, and we accept reservations until 5:00p.m. seven days beforehand. It is very useful for those who will only stay at the resort! There is also a round trip shuttle Between Rusutsu and Sapporo, so please confirm! *Both are free for resort guests.

Please see here for details.

We recommend a rental car for those who plan to do some sightseeing as well.

※Estimated Time from Main Spots (Hokkaido) to Rusutsu Resort
・From Shin-Chitose Airport:about 90 minutes
・From Sapporo(R230):about 90 minutes
・From Muroran(R37・230) :about 90 minutes
・From Chitose (Hokkaido Road 16→R276・R230) :about 90 minutes
・From Tomakomai(R276・R230) :about 90 minutes
・From Niseko(Hokkaido Road 66):about 40 minutes
・From Toya-ko(R230):about 30 minutes

Rusutsu Resort
Reservation Center
Address : Izumikawa 13 Abutagun Rusutsumura, Hokkaido 048-1711 Japan
TEL : 0136-46-3111


There are many events you can choose from at Rusutsu in the summer! Be active outside in nature, enjoy the facilities at our pools or amusement park, spend evenings in the flower gardens and head to the mountains for sunset… You are free to spend your time any way you like!

Please fully enjoy your stay with family, friends, or as a couple, and make wonderful memories!


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