【Onsen In Doto】 10 Popular Onsens in East Hokkaido


publication date:07/25/2016


温根湯温泉 大江本家

The Doto distrcit is a popular spot for tourists who visit Hokkaido.
Doto is famous for its nature and wildlife, but it also has many great onsens.

In this article, we will introduce 10 recommended onsens of Doto in three categories: “Onsens with high spring quality”, “onsens with great locations”, and “The “secret” onsens of Doto”.

we hope this article helps you when visiting Doto.

< Contents >
– Onsens in Doto with high spring quality –
1. Tokachigawa Onsen
2. Kawayu Onsen
3. Onneyu Onsen
– Doto Onsens with Great Locations –
4. Akanko Onsen
5. Utoro Onsen
6. Sounkyo Onsen
7. Shikaribetsu Kohan Onsen
– The “secret” onsens of Doto –
8. Yoroushi Onsen
9. Maruseppu Onsen
10. Nukabira Onsen

– Onsens with high spring quality –

1. Tokachigawa Onsen


Tokachigawa, one the of the national rare “Mall Onsens,” was chosen as a Hokkaido Heritage.

Long time ago, wetlands existed in this area.
The plants changed over a longer period of time, and peat accumulated.
That peat became lignite, and the onsen that sprung up through the lignite bed was mall onsen.

モール泉Photo Credit by Tokachigawa Onsen – Kangetsuan

It is an alkalinic onsen packed with organic plants and the water is light brown.
The lignite helps you get beautiful skin, and it is known as “beauty bath.”

Tokachigawa Onsen Recommended Lodging

(Tokachigawa Onsen Kangetsuen)

十勝川温泉 観月苑Photo Credit by Tokachigawa Onsen – Kangetsuan

With rooms with attached garden open-air baths and top floor observatory open-air baths, The Hokkaido heritge mall onsen has a variety of rich onsens to enjoy.
Also, with their seasonal Japanese cuisine and reputed attentive hospitality, Tokachigawa Onsens is a prominent onsens inn.

For dinner, there is a buffet or light meals from fresh Tokachigawa ingredients in Japanese style rooms/Western style rooms/Japanese and Western style rooms/ and open-air bathing rooms. It is recommended for a wide range of travelers, whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or with family.

Kangetsuen Ryokan Tokachigawa Hotel
Address: Tokachigawaonsenminami 14-2 Katogun Otofukecho, Hokkaido 080-0263 Japan

【 Tochikawa Onsen Sanyoan 】

Sanyoan is a quiet onsen resort with 11 rooms, committed to “serve the 5 senses” through time/space/comfort. The stylish rooms all come with a private open-air bath.

There is a special suite with an open-air bath as well. The resort is so “relaxing and comfortable” you may appreciate it more than sightseeing.

Tokachigawa Onsen Sanyoan
Address: Tokachigawaonsenminami 13 Katogun Otofukecho, Hokkaido 080-0263 Japan

2.Kawayu Onsen


Kawayu onsen, located in Deshikagacho of Doto, refers to the onsen town that spreads between Kussharo lake and Mashu lake.

The Kawayu onsen is sulfuric and acidic alum, a “highly acidic onsen”.
It is not suitable for circulation by machine, so all facilities take in the original spring from places with lots of springs.


You cannot bring metals with you to the onsen. (they will be rotten)

Recommended hotels at Kawayu Onsen

【 Lodge Kinkiyu】

川湯温泉 欣喜湯

This onsen resort is located at the center of Kawayu onsen district.
The wide 2-story onsen is a must-see.
Although it does not have an outdoor bath, the baths are separated by low, medium, and high temperature and you can enjoy onsens with great benefits to the fullest.

Lodge Kinkiyu
Address:Kawayuonsen 1-9-15 Kawakamigun Teshikagacho, Hokkaido 088-3465 Japan

Meiyu no Mori Hotel Kitafukuro】

川湯温泉 きたふくろう

If you want to enjoy Kawayu onsen surrounded by nature, “Meiyu no Mori Hotel Kitafukuro” is highly recommended.
From the hotel lounge, you can overlook the beautiful forest and relax at the open-air onsen. You can hear birds singing and see footprints of small animals from the open-air bath.

Meiyu no Mori Hotel Kitafukuro
Address:Kawayuonsen 1-9-15 Kawakamigun Teshikagacho, Hokkaido 088-3465 Japan

3.Onneyu Onsen


A onsen in nature is surrounded by three national parks; Akan, Taisetsu, and Shiretoko.

This historical location, opened on 1899, is famous for its onsen quality and freshness. It is an alkali spring (hypotonic alkali hyperthermal spring) that is great for your skin.

山の水族館 温根湯温泉

Recently, “Yamano Aquarium” (Kitano Daichi Aquarium), a rare fresh water aquarium in Japan is a must-see.
The springs of Onneyu onsen is used for the growth of the fish at the aquarium.

Recommended hotels at Onneyu Onsen

【Ooe Honke Onsen Lodge for White Beauty】

大江本家 温根湯温泉

Similar to the opening of Onneyu onsen, this historical resort opened on 1899. The rooms are clean and it is famous for its delicious foods.

温根湯温泉 大江本家

The onsen that flows from the beginning is as raw as it gets with no added water, heating, circulation, or filters.
The onsen, recommended by the manager of the resort, is said to have anti-aging effects.

Ooe Honke Onsen Lodge for White Beauty
Address:Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen 466-1 Kitami, Hokkaido 091-0170 Japan

【 Shiki Heian no Yakata Onneyu Hotel 】


Here, you can enjoy various types of onsen such as unlimited fountain of onsen, Kabanoanatake spring, and Maifan stone that contains a lot of minerals.
It is relatively cheap, so why not enjoy a relaxing time with your family?

Shiki Heian no Yakata Onneyu Hotel
Address:Rubeshibechoonneyuonsen 492 Kitami, Hokkaido 091-0170 Japan

― Doto Onsens with great locations ―

4.Akan Lake Onsen


Akan Lake Onsen is located near the Akan Lake of Doto.
It has a long history as the place used by the Ainu people.
* Ainu — Native residents of Hokkaido.
There are simple springs and sulfuric springs, known to heal nerve damages, poor circulation, fatigue, rheumatism, and more.


There is the biggest Ainu Kotan (Ainu village) in Hokkaido next to the onsen resort.
You can browse and purchase traditional Ainu goods.

Recommended hotels of Akan Lake onsen

【Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga】

あかん鶴雅温泉イメージPhoto Credit by Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga

“Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga” is operated by “Tsuruga Group”, a popular company in Hokkaido.

From the big public bath and the open-air bath, you can overlook Akan Lake.
Enjoy the great panorama view while bathing in onsen.
It is a onsen resort with high levels of satisfaction in terms of both food and service.

Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga
Address:Akanchoakankonsen 4 cho-me 6-10 Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0467 Japan

【 Kamui no Yu La Vista Akan River 】

La Vista Akan River is a new onsen resort that opened on September of 2015.

Their theme is “peace of mind” of all kinds. The resort is surrounded by nature and has an unlimited fountain spring as well as other features that will let adults have a relaxing time away from their daily life.

After taking a bath, you can enjoy a complementary ice cream at night and a free Soft Katsugen in the morning.
* Soft Katsugen — A popular lactic acid drink only available in Hokkaido

Kamui no Yu La Vista Akan River
Address:Akanchookurushube 3-1 Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0468 Japan

5.Utoro Onsen


Utoro onsen, located in the middle of the world heritage Shiretoko, has numerous great hotels and onsens with a beautiful view of the sunset on Okhotsk ocean.
There are many big hotels perfect for touring around Shiretoko. Recently it is always crowded with tourists.

Recommended hotels of Utoro Onsen

【Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi】


This is a popular onsen hotel with great reviews. It even got 1st place in the 2015 onsen hotel ranking on Jaran (category of hotels with 100 or more rooms).
From rooms with an open-air bath, you can hog the great view of the Okhotsk Ocean!

You can enjoy the panorama of the Okhotsk Ocean from the public bath as well.

Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi
Address:Utorohigashi 172 Sharigun Sharicho, Hokkaido 099-4355 Japan

【Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel】

Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel is a onsen resort located on the high grounds of Utoro Onsen.
The popular buffet restaurant “Marusukoi” is famous for its open kitchen style and high customer satisfaction.

The onsen contains lots of sodium and chlorides. This “beauty spring” will keep you warm and keep your skin moist.
There are indoor pools for children as well, so the whole family can enjoy the stay.

Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel
Address:Utorokagawa 306 Sharigun Sharicho, Hokkaido099-4351 Japan

6.Sounkyo Onsen


Sounkyo Onsen is a onsen located on the valley of Mt. Taisetsu.
There is the “Canyon Mall” at the center of the resort town inspired by Canadian mountain resorts. Enjoy a slightly different western atmosphere.


Especially, there is the “Sounkyo Icefall Festival” that gathers lots of tourists during the winter.

Recommended hotels of Sounkyo Onsen

Sounkyo Choyotei


Choyotei is located on the high grounds of Sounkyo Onsen village.
From the open-air bath on the 7th floor, you can enjoy a great view of Mt. Choyo where you can see the joint rocks of Sounkyo.

The public bath on the 2nd floor has a calm atmosphere with indirect lighting. It is an original onsen with a sense of secrecy.

Sounkyo Choyotei
Adderss:Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawagun Kamikawacho, Hokkaido 078-1701 Japan

【Sounkaku Grand Hotel】

Meals made from “local ingredients” is very popular.
The beautiful view of the valley from the open-air bath is a must-see.

The simple spring is gentle on the skin and the body.
It is relatively cheap as well, which is great.

Sounkaku Grand Hotel
Address:Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawagun Kamikawacho, Hokkaido 078-1701 Japan
URL: https://www.sounkaku.co.jp/en

7.Shikaribetsukohan Onsen


There are two onsen hotels on the west side of Shikaribetsu Lake in the Mt. Taisetsu national park. To protect the natural environment of Shikaribetsu region, there are no other hotels.

At the “Shikaribetsu Lake Kothen” that takes place during winter on the lake, you can enjoy an open-air bath.

Hotels of Shikaribetsu Onsen

【Shikaribetsu Onsen hotel Fusui】


Located on the edge of Shikaribetsu Lake, all rooms and the public bath come with a great view of the lake.
The 100% pure onsen, the calm lake, and the beautiful stars will help you forget about the bustle in your daily life.

You can enjoy various local foods from the mountain and the ocean including dolly varden raised in the fresh waters of Shikaribetsu Lake.

Shikaribetsu Onsen hotel Fusui
Address:Shikaribetsuko Katogun Shikaoicho, Hokkaido 081-0200 Japan

【Shikaribetsu Lake Hotel Fukuhara】

This is a onsen hotel on the edge of Shikaribetsu Lake with a great view of the mountains and the lake.
The hotel has a “Shikaribetsu Lake Minerva museum” which contains many sculptures and paintings, which are collections of Jihei Fukuhara, the founder of the hotel.

Shikaribetsu Lake Hotel Fukuhara
Address:Shikaribetsuko Katogun Shikaoicho, Hokkaido 081-0200 Japan

― The “secret” onsens of Doto ―

8.Youroushi onsen


Yoroushi Onsen, located in Nakashibetsu of Hokkaido, has over 100 years of history.
The only hotels in this district are “Hotel Yoroushi” and “Yuyado Daiichi”.

The onsen of Yoroushi Onsen is a high quality spring containing sulfate and it is good for high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.
It is a “secret” spot where you can enjoy during any season.

Mt. Moan’s “Gyu-moji”, located near the Yoroushi Onsen, is a famous spot for some.

Hotels at the Yoroushi Onsen

【Hotel Yoroushi】


Although the facility is not new, it is popular for the warm hospitality and the delicious food made with fresh water fish and mountain vegetables of Yoroushi.

Many guests come visit from far away just for the food.
Compared to the “Yuyado Daiichi”, which will be covered after this, it is relatively cheap.

Hotel Yoroushi
Address:Yoroushi 519 Shibetsugun Nakashibetsucho, Hokkaido 088-2684 Japan

【Yuyado Daiichi】


It is famous for the indoor bath made with Hinoki and Hiba trees and the open-air bath with a great view.
The open-air bath is right next to the river, blending right into the scenery.

A relaxing onsen hotel, a “Secret spring surrounded by nature”.

Yuyado Daiichi
Address:Yoroushi 518 Shibetsugun Nakashibetsucho, Hokkaido 088-2684 Japan

9. Maruseppu Onsen


Maruseppu Onsen is located in Maruseppukamimurii, Engarucho, Monbetsugun. The only hotel there is “Maure Sanso”.
The spring is alkali and has a smooth texture. It promotes metabolism of old cuticles.
It is good for nerve damage, poor circulation, and beautiful skin.

Hotels of Maruseppu Onsen

【Maure Sanso】

Maure Sanso is a relatively new hotel that opened in 2001.
To get there, look for the white walls and the triangle roof that stands out.
There is a nice fireplace in the lobby where you can sit back and relax.

Maure Sanso
Address:Maruseppukamimurii 172 Monbetsugun Engarucho, Hokkaido 099-0213 Japan

10. Nukabira Gensentei


All hotels in the Nukabira Gensen district is “unlimited fountain”.
The spring is a hydrogen carbonate spring that contains sodium and chlorides. It is good for nerve damage, muscle pain, and joint pain.

Recommended hotels of Nukabira Onsen

【Nakamuraya Nukabira Onsen】


Nakamuraya is a one-of-a-kind onsen hotel with an elegant finish to the last detail. The open-air bath is unisex, but there is a ladies only time period. Dinner is made with mountain vegetables and local foods of Nukabira and Tokachi.

This is a new sensation onsen hotel of nature. You can bring your pet with you in some rooms. Please stop by if you are around.

Nakamuraya Nukabira Onsen
Address:Nukabiragensenkyo, Katogun Kamishihorocho, Hokkaido 080-1403 Japan

【Yamano Hatago Sankoso】

This “secret” traditional hotel has a fireside in all eight rooms. The cave bath turns into a whimsical space when the sunlight enters in the morning.

There is onsen where you can drink at the entrance as well.

This is a “secret” onsen hotel perfect for those looking to visit a slightly different onsen.
The hotel does not accept guests in elementary school or younger (must be 6 or older) because the building is old and the sound echoes throughout the building.

Yamano Hatago Sankoso
Address:North district Nukabiragensenkyo 14 Katogun Kamishihorocho, Hokkaido
080-1403 Japan


That was three different types of onsens in Doto. Did you find anything you like?

There are many other onsen locations near Doto.
In this article, we introduced onsen hotels where you an enjoy the beautiful nature scenes of Hokkaido.

There are onsen hotels where you can visit without staying the night as well, so stop by when you have a chance!


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