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Feast on Hokkaido Crab! Types of crab and how to eat them.


When it comes to cuisine in Hokkaido, crab “kani” is the first thing that comes to mind. If you plan on going to Hokkaido, you definitely have to try some.

In Hokkaido you can  get  typical Japanese varieties of crabs such as horsehair crabs, red king crabs, and snow crabs as well as the more peculiar blue king crabs and hanasaki crab varieties to try.

The best fishing grounds for a variety of crab in Japan can be found spread across Hokkaido.

As the climate is different in each area the type of crab that can be caught varies by region and by season. Whenever you are in Hokkaido you can eat the crab variety particular to that season.

We will inform you more about the pick of the Hokkaido crabs, the fishing zones, what makes them special and more about the different seasonal varieties. And also let you know our recommendations.
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More Fun If You Know♪ The History of Slopes in Hakodate Motomachi and 3 Cafe Picks


The town of Hakodate, which opened port in the Bakumatsu period, prospered mainly at the foot of Hakodate sprawling from the left as seen from the Hakodate port.

Because of that, many tourist spots are along the slopes, such as the impressive western style building “Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward” and the “Motomachi Church Assembly” where churches of various religions are all lined up. Though Hakodate tourism might have been enjoyable, there are perhaps many visitors who were hassled by the peaks and valleys of these slopes.

However did you know that such slopes in the Motomachi Ward all have names? Perhaps knowing where their name came from would make your stroll through the neighborhood of Motomachi more fun.

On this occasion, we will introduce the origins of three slopes and cafes at which you can rest your weary feet.

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Top 5 Recommended Scenic Seaside Cafes of Minatomachi, Hakodate [Refreshing Sights Galore♪]



Hakodate, a city surrounded on all sides by the sea. The sight of that majestic body of water, which can be seen from various locations, imparts a touch of convalescence for hearts fatigued by the humdrum of everyday life.

Compared to its townscape with its unique foreign flavor and its beautiful night scenery, the vistas of the sea is quite overlooked in Hakodate’s tourism.

However, the sea, which can be seen from a number of angles such as from the Tsugaru Strait and from the Hakodate Bay, is able to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone precisely because it is in Hakodate.

Such delightful a sight can be taken in from various places, though ones where you can safely relax and unwind while watching the sea are few and far between.

So with that, please let us introduce 5 cafes where you can enjoy the sight of Hakodate’s sea.

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