The complete guide to sightseeing in Eastern Hokkaido

Kushiro Marsh

In Eastern Hokkaido, there are many fascinating tourist spots and highlights, such as Shiretoko Peninsula, Kushiro Marshland, and Abashiri.
Let us introduce you to the highlights and sightseeing spots that are familiar to the locals in Eastern Hokkaido.
We will also share information about dining and events that can only be enjoyed in Eastern Hokkaido.
We’d love to have you visit Eastern Hokkaido at least once. Please take a moment to read this article at least once before you visit Eastern Hokkaido. We’d love to have you feel and enjoy to the fullest the charms that can only be experienced in Eastern Hokkaido, a place blessed with abundant nature.
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Hokkaido in July! All the unmissable sights, tastes and pleasures of the season

Look at any guidebooks or information sites, and it’ll tell you that July is the best season to visit Hokkaido. They’ll say that this or that is the best. But don’t you find that there’s too much information, and that you’re at a loss to choose where to go?

If you’re saying it’s the best season, then sure… But really, there’s no bad season to visit Hokkaido. We can promise that. In the huge expanse of Hokkaido, there’s always somewhere in its best season.

But it’s true that there are certain sights and tastes you can only enjoy at a particular time of year. So, this time we’re going to give you our carefully selected picks for July.
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Summer is almost here! A roundup of sightseeing spots, events and clothes in Hokkaido in June.

Summer is about to start from June in Hokkaido. There are probably a lot of people who have questions about what to do in Hokkaido, what kind of events take place there, how the weather and climate is, or what kind of clothes to wear.

Hokkaido is a wonderful place that can be enjoyed in each of the four seasons. Even each month has something special to offer! We’ll be introducing to you a roundup of the sightseeing spots that you should definitely visit in June. The coming season will make it a great summer retreat. We hope you have a fun and refreshing time in Hokkaido this summer!

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Springtime in Hokkaido! Here are some of our recommended tourist sites!

Springtime in Hokkaido! Here are some of our recommended tourist sites!Winter is almost over, and fresh pleasant greenery begins to cover the island of Hokkaido, which is full of places to have fun. Here, we will introduce special spring events available only in Hokkaido, spring skiing, as well as a variety of sightseeing spots carefully selected by us!

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【From Sapporo】Five Recommended Bus Tours in Winter!


There is an image that a bus tour is about “enjoying sightseeing in a group with a guide.”
Recently, “day-trip bus tours” for single travelers are becoming popular.

Here, we recommend five selected bus tours to enjoy Hokkaido in winter.
Please do refer to it when visiting Hokkaido!

※This information was updated in October 2016.

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How to Use the Airport Effectively in Hokkaido

There are currently 12 airports in Hokkaido in service with regular flights, but most of you may not know all of 12 airports in Hokkaido.
At that time, we’d like to introduce these airports. When traveling in Hokkaido, consider flying to various parts of the vast island for a better experience.


The picture is from an airplane flying the sky of Nakashibetsu. Below is the “Koushijou Boufurin (grid-shaped windbreaker forest), one of Hokkaido’s inheritances and a valued scenery.

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Appealing Things to do during Hokkaido Travel in November!

hokkaido photo November

In November, most Japanese are planning autumn outings.

But in Hokkaido, November is the time to start preparing for winter. Outdoors types who live in Hokkaido also start to reign in their activities.

November is the off-season for tourism in Hokkaido, so hotels and tours become a bit cheaper. You can really explore Hokkaido without being bothered by crowds.

We recommend visiting Hokkaido in November to people who want to take it easy on their trip!

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Five Historical Spots Where You Can Experience Ainu Culture!


The Ainu are the indigenous people in Hokkaido. While the current size of the Ainu population is not large, their art and culture have a profound influence on Hokkaido residents.

This article will introduce various facilities where you can learn about the culture of the Ainu people. Please stop by during your trip.
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Such a Breathtaking Views! 10 Best Autumn-leaves Spots in Hokkaido!

Autumn Leaves of Sounkyo
The autumn leaves start appearing as early as September in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido has a vast and abundant with nature, and several spots where you can see the autumn leaves.

Here is a list of the top 10 picturesque sites, recommended by Hokkaido locals, to see the autumn leaves!

We also recommend the best ways to enjoy the autumn scenery. Please use this as a reference for planning an autumn Hokkaido trip!

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