What to do in Autumn Season Hokkaido in October!

Hightlights of Hokkaido to Visit in October

Hokkaido is extremely cold and autumn also comes earliest here in Japan.

In this article, we have summarized must-see attractions and events during the autumn season in October.

We provide a lot of information related to the autumn leaves (which changes colors the earliest in Japan), special events, and points of interest in October in Hokkaido!

For your reference, we also introduce the best type of clothing that suits Hokkaido’s temperature and weather in October.

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5 recommended sunflower fields in Hokkaido!

Hills of Zerubuのひまわり畑

In Japan, sunflower is a symbol for summer. Hokkaido, with its vast nature, leads in the number of “sunflower farms” in Japan.

Sunflowers begin blooming in mid-July in the southern and central parts of Hokkaido, and you can continue to enjoy them through October in the northern and Okhotsk regions.

5 must-see sunflower farms in Hokkaido are introduced here!

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Wild Animal Paradise! 9 Animals you should watch in Hokkaido!

hokkaido shamu

Doto area (East part of Hokkaido) is known for abundant with nature in Hokkaido. So, there is higher chance of meeting a variety of wild animals.

Hokkaido is a wild animal paradise. Even for Hokkaido, the Doto eastern region is especially lush with nature, with a high possibility of meeting a variety of wild animals.

If you pay close attention, you can also find many wild animals while driving.
Ezo red foxes, Hokkaido sika deer, and raccoon dogs (tanuki) are particularly common, so the driver should be cautious of animals suddenly dashing out!
Here we will introduce nine animal species from amongst the wild animals of Hokkaido.

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[Hokkaido Garden Path] Enjoy the Eight Gardens

Hokkaido Garden Path
“I want to go for a drive amidst the glory of nature.”
“I’ve always had a thing for locations where I’m surrounded by grass, trees and flowers.”
“I want to try Hokkaido’s famous food.” ……

If you have any of these desires, then surely the spot called the “Hokkaido Garden Path” will make them come true.

Hokkaido… the 21st largest island in the world.
Here, there are cities, leisure areas, nature, great food, and any and every kind of tourist spot you’d want on a trip. Of these, the “Hokkaido Garden Path” is a wonderful area with “nature” and “food.”

The “Hokkaido Garden Path,” as it is fondly known, is a course that connects several sightseeing areas.
How did it get this pet name, you ask? On this page, in addition to explaining the reason and meaning of the Garden Path’s name, we’ll really get into its charms!
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Hokkaido’s Cherry Blossoms|Top 8 Cherry Blossom Spots Chosen by Hokkaido Residents

Sakura in hokkaido
Cherry blossoms bloom from late March to early April in most parts of Japan, but Hokkaido is different. Since it’s the northernmost island in Japan, it’s the last to warm up in the spring. Because of this, Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms bloom in late April.

Because they bloom after enduring such a long winter, Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms have a special beauty. Let’s take a look at some of Hokkaido’s beautiful cherry blossom spots.

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Winter in Hokkaido – Temperature, Clothing and Daily Life

chirdren's winter in hokkaidoBefore you come to Hokkaido, there is something I’d like you to know. I’d like you to know the ways in which snow affects people’s everyday life.

If you grew up in an area with no snow, Hokkaido in wintertime is full of wonder! Even if you have visited other places in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, Hokkaido in winter is a completely different world. Please use this article to prepare for your visit to Hokkaido.

Vice versa, if you grew up in an area with lots of snow, you may make some interesting observations. Some things may be different from your town, while some things are the same, so you’re in for a novel experience.

I live in Hokkaido with my family, and here I shall explain about everyday life on the island during the winter months.
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