Tourist Spots and Some Model Courses in Furano and Biei!

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publication date:05/26/2016


“Furano” and “Biei” are one of the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. Both of them have many famous locations that were used in dramas and commercials.

However, people who have never visited have said that they do not exactly know how best to travel around these areas.

This article will cover the recommended tourist spots and model courses in Furano and Biei.
(*This course is for the spring/summer season, and assumes that you have a rental car)

1. The appeal of Furano/Biei
2. Top 3 must-see tourist spots
2-1. Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka
2-2. Blue Pond (Aoiike)
2-3. Farm Tomita
3. Two amazing tourist spots to go to if you can
3-1. Shinseikan
3-2. Mt. Tokachi Observatory
4. Recommended short model course for people within 4 hours transit
5. Model course for people who want to take their time for a full day, starting from Asahikawa
6. The best model course for early risers
7. Summary

1. The appeal of Furano/Biei

The appeal of Furano/Biei is its scenery. You can look out at rolling hills expanding in all directions, and see the tops of the Daisetsuzan volcanic mountains, still covered in snow, in the distance. The magnificent scenery was built up by Mother Nature; this list will focus on introducing 6 places where you can experience this wondrous scenery.

2. Top 3 must-see tourist spots

2-1. Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka

“Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-Oka.” is most recommended flower gardens in Furano and Biei.

It is large in scale even among flower gardens. It is especially enjoyable to look out towards Mt. Tokachi and Mt. Biei, mountains in the Daisetsuzan volcanic group!

Seeing flowers in the foreground, and snowy mountains in the background is a scene that is a symbol of Biei.

Buggies and carts are available for use, so you can do a full lap of the extensive grounds. Also, it runs an attached alpaca farm.

You can buy light meals, soft-serve ice cream, and drinks in the shop. The area’s local specialty is melons topped with ice cream, called “melon soft-serve.” you should definitely try it when you get there; you will be impressed with its appearance!

Other than a scenery, this flower garden’s location is slightly far from the national route. Since this is a less-known place, you won’t see a lot of people compared to other tourist spots.


Name:Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka
Address:Shinsei daisan, Kamikawagun Bieicho, Hokkaido, 071-0473 Japan
Opening hours:09:00~17:00(depends on season)
Fee:Free Admission(Invites donations JPN 200YEN/person)
*You need to pay extra charges for attraction(cart) and alpaca farm


2-2. Blue Pond (Aoiike)

The centerpiece of Biei tourism is “Aoiike,” or “Blue Pond.” It is along the route from Biei station to Shirogane Onsen. The “Blue Pond,” which changes in color depending on the season, time, and weather, removed the rule restricting entry in 2010. Because of this, its place has gained attention as a tourist spot.

It is definitely worth going at least once to experience the mysterious atmosphere of Blue Pond.

It is recommended to visit from the early morning until 10:00 because there are fewer people.

*Video taken in July, 2015.

Address:Shirogane, Kamikawagun Bieicho, Hokkaido, 071-0235 Japan
(Free Parking Available)

2-3. Farm Tomita

Furano is famous for lavender. It’s worth seeing the scenery surrounded by the whole purple lavender.

Farm Tomita is the most famous flower garden in Furano; it has over 100 years of history. For example, it started cultivating lavender for its use as an ingredient in perfume.

Also, limited edition products available only in the area include lavender soft-serve ice cream, and purple lavender Ramune.

It is worth visiting here even it is a classic tourist place. There are other similar lavender fields in the area, so make sure you get to the right one.


Name:Farm Tomita
Address:Kisenkita 15Go, Sorachigun Nakafuranocho, Hokkaido, 071-0704 Japan
Opening Hours:08:30~17:00(Depends on Season)
Fee:Free Admission

3. Two amazing tourist spots to go to if you can

3-1. Shinseikan


Shinseikan is a famous art museum that stores a great number of works from artists and novelists who are famous in Japan. However, it is not only the items on display that are amazing!

First, the building is made of wood, is three stories high, and it is said to be a 200 year old Japanese residence. It was relocated from its original location far away in Itoigawa, Niigata prefecture. The inside of the building is amazing; it is fascinating to behold the black luster of the floorboards and the thick joists.

Also, the museum’s biggest selling point is the observation room on the third floor. From there, you can see from the Biei hills in the foreground to the Daisetsuzan mountains in the distance.

It is a good less-known place that doesn’t get covered in standard tourist courses. It is highly recommended for those who enjoy Japanese culture and history!


Name: Shinseikan
Address:Shinsei daisan, Kamikawagun Bieicho, Hokkaido, 071-0473 Japan
Opening Hours:10:00~17:00( April 29th to November 3rd , 2016)
Fee:JPN 1,000 YEN (≒9.18 USD)
Referable URL:

3-2. Mt. Tokachi Observatory


This Article has listed up the places where you can look up at hills and mountains so far. However, the Mt. Tokachi Observatory is a place where you can stand on a mountainside and look down upon Furano/Biei.

When you go to a place slightly higher in elevation, the trees suddenly become short in Hokkaido. This observatory is at an elevation of 900m (0.56 miles). Because of this, there are few trees so vision from there is clear.

You can see the rolling hills of Furano/Biei in front, and the towering Mt. Tokachi behind you in a full 360 degree view.

Address:Shirogane, Kamikawagun Bieicho, Hokkaido 071-0235 Japan
(Free Parking Available)
Opening terms:June to the beginning of October
Referable URL:

4. Recommended short model course for people within 4 hours flight

Before their flight in few hours, a lot of people think “I’d like to do a bit more sightseeing.” Furano and Biei are close to Asahikawa Airport, so you can actually use those few hours for sightseeing.

This is a roughly 4 hour long model course using a rental car for people with a flight departing at 13:00 from Asahikawa Airport.

09:00 (4 hours before the flight) Leave the hotel within Asahikawa City by Rent-A-car
↓(about 40 minutes)
09:40 (3 hours and 20 minutes before the flight)Arrive at 「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (40 minutes)
10:20 (2 hours 40 minutes before the flight)Leave 「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (about 30 minutes)Drive the beautiful hill in Biei 「Panorama Road」
10:50 (2 hours 10 minutes before the flight) Arrives at 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (20 minutes)
11:10 (1 hours 50 minutes before the flight)Leave 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (about 40 minutes)Drive 「Birch Road」
11:50 (1 hours 10 minutes before the flight)Arrive at Asahikawa Airport
(After returning rent-A-Car with full gas charging, You will head Boarding gate with lunch and souvenir)
(It’s roughly 3 hours from 「Blue Ponds」 to Shin-Chitose Airport)

*The tourism season from July to September is busy, so traffic congestion frequently occurs. Make sure to take the road conditions into account and plan ahead to have extra time for moving from place to place.


It might feel a bit hurried, but this course fits both a trip to Shikisai-no-Oka and to Blue Pond (Aoiike) into its time-frame.

The route of this course takes you through the hills of Biei along “Panorama Road;” you can also enjoy the Japanese white birch trees on lining both sides of the road to Blue Pond, called the “White Birch Highway.”
This course works for flights leaving 13:00 or later from Asahikawa airport, as well as for evening/night flights from Shin-Chitose airport. It is also simply a nice route to add to any trip.

5. Model course for people who want to take their time for a full day, starting from Asahikawa

Furano/Biei are slightly difficult places to reach from Sapporo. Thus, the nearby Asahikawa is a more convenient place to base your sightseeing place than Sapporo.

The optimal course involves staying overnight in Asahikawa and traveling using a rental car.

09:00 Leave the hotel within Asahikawa City by Rent-A-car
↓ (about an hour)
10:00 Arrive at 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (about 20 minutes)Enjoy watching 「Blue Ponds」
10:20 Leave 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (about 15 minutes)Drive 「Birch Road」
10:35 Arrive at 「Mt. Tokachi Observatory」
↓ (about 15 minutes)Enjyo watching Furano field
10:50 Leave 「Mt. Tokachi Observatory」
↓ (about 50 minutes)Drive 「Birch Road」 again
11:40 Arrive at 「Ra・Maruta」 near the Mina-Gyu station
↓ (about an hour)You can taste potato dishes and oven sandwiches there.※Closed on Tuesday
↓  If 「Ra・Maruta」is packed, you can also go to eat soup curry at 「Flox Hall」 in「Flox Hall in the「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
12:40 Leave from Lunch Place
↓ (about 10 minutes)driving…
12:50 Arrive at 「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (about an hour)Enjoying flower field, souvenir shop and alpaca farm
13:50 Leave 「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (about 10 minutes)driving…
14:00 Arrive at 「Shinseikan」
↓ (about an hour)Relax while watching Biei’s wonderful sight
15:00 Leave 「Shinseikan」
↓ (about 30 minutes) Drive Hokkaido National Highway
15:30 Arrive at 「Farm Tomita」
↓ (about 40 minutes)Enjoy lavender field, soft-cream and soda-pop
16:10 Leave 「Farm Tomita」
↓ (Head for your hotel)
(About 50 min to Asahikawa, About 2 and a half hours to Shin-Chitose Airport, 3 hours to Sapporo)


This plan allows extra time to spend at each location. Please use it as a reference if you want to enjoy the Furano/Biei atmosphere and take your time looking at the scenery.

6. The best model course for early risers

Since Furano and Biei are such an important Hokkaido tourist hotspots, people from all over the world come to visit. Thus, congestion during the tourism season cannot be avoided.

This course is for early risers who want to try and avoid the rush.

This sightseeing course starts in Asahikawa and uses a rental car.

06:00 Leave the hotel within Asahikawa City by Rent-A-car
↓ (about an hour)Get some breakfast st Seiko Market(Hokkaido Convenient Store)」and drive early morning Hokkaido
07:00 Arrive at 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (about 30 minutes)Enjoy watching 「Blue Ponds」
07:30Leave 「Blue Ponds」
↓ (about 15 minutes)Drive 「Birch Road」
08:45 Arrive at 「Mt. Tokachi Observatory」
↓ (about 15 minutes)Enjoy watching “morning Biei Hills”
09:00 Leave「Mt. Tokachi Observatory」
↓ (about 50 minutes)Enjoy watching Furano field
09:50 Arrive at 「Farm Tomita」
↓ (about 40 minutes)Enjoy Lavender field, soft-cream and soda pop
10:30 Leave 「Farm Tomita」
↓ (about 25 minutes)Drive Hokkaido National Road
10:55 Arrive at 「Ra・Maruta」 near the Mina-Gyu station
↓ (about 55 min)You can taste potato dishes and oven sandwiches there.※Closed on Tuesday
11:50 Leave「Ra・Maruta」
↓ (about 10 minutes)Driving…
12:00 Arrive at 「Shinseikan」
↓ (約60分)After viewing historical art, enjoy the breathtaking scenery in Biei
13:00 Leave 「Shinseikan」
↓ (about 10 minutes) Drive 「Biei’s Hill」
14:10 Arrive at 「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (about 50 minutes)Make sure to get some snack at souvenir shop
15:00 Leave「Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka」
↓ (Head for today’s hotel)

*There is a chance that on days when the temperature is 5℃ or less in Furano that the roads near “Blue Pond (Aoiike)” and the Mt. Tokachi Observatory will freeze over. Be careful of the road conditions and remember to drive safely.

If you wake up a little early, you can see the popular tourist spots with ease. Avoiding the congestion lets you use your time effectively; it could truly be the best course. If you are not a fan of crowds, definitely try it!

7. Summary

How was that for an introduction to the main attractions of Furano/Biei? It covers a large area, but the view while moving around is part of the fun; it is a very Hokkaido-like place. Definitely try and visit at least once!


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